Turn Your Free WiFi Into a Powerful Marketing Tool!

Done For You Video Ranking SEO Service

“I Rank Your YouTube Videos”

Our Video Ranking Service makes it easy, compared to what YOU would do without it.

  • Setting up complicated campaigns.
  • Jumping through hoops trying to get your videos ranked.
  • Working continuously to get a “Social Media Presence” that the marketing gurus are telling you about.
  • Paying for monthly services to TRY to rank videos.
  • Getting videos at the top with little or no views.

And if you don’t do one of the above points correctly, YOU will become frustrated because of the expensive you incurred for video creation with little of no results.

Here are some of our results!

And Another:

What do you do?

  • You send me the YouTube link.
  • I do the link building campaign to get it ranked. I follow the exact process of what links and how many per day that’s worked so well for my own clients over the last 10 months.
  • I’ll check your title, description, and tags. Then I will begin building links and adding my special sauce in a way that Google will begin sending you traffic.

Why me?

  • I will work with only one client in your profession in your city so it is paramount that you contact me now!
  • I also know you have a better chance of success if you focus your business and what you do best. Then you can let me handle the technical side and link building process so you can get your new clients from the results of your ranking videos.
  • I can virtually guarantee I’ll get your videos ranking because I’ve done this with so many of my own clients across the United States. And I’ve also used this process in other industries with business owners like you who are using my service.

The types of links I’m building, the rate at which I build these links, and the timeline for how I trickle them out onto the web and get them indexed is a proven winner in the post Google Panda and Penguin world.


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