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Reach a Targeted Audience With Your Ad on Major National and Local Advertising Sites with Hyper Targeted Local Ad Campaigns?

Imagine you own a local business and want to promote your services locally.

How would you like a billboard next to the interstate to promote your company?

Well, that would be great except for the cost. But what if you could have that billboard and only pay when someone interested in your business saw it? Wouldn’t you like a product like that?

And what if those interested customers would see your billboard not just once, but several times on their way home from work?

Wouldn’t a product like that be great?

Well, Lift Local lets you do exactly that… Let me show you how it works!

Imagine that your contractor services company wants to reach new customers in Denver, Colorado. You’d probably want to target people in nearby zip codes, maybe homeowners over age 30, or someone who’s been searching about home repair or high-income households.

Lift Local can do all of this and more. It searches all across the web for the best Ad Placement to help you reach exactly those customers.

We analyze eight billion possible placements a day to pick the highest performing ones for you. Lift Local takes into account hundreds of factors when deciding where to show your Ad, and it can target ads for not just moving companies, but any local business.

Lift Local will make sure your Ad is shown in front of the most interested customers in your area that can be targeted based on their geographical location, their demographics or their web-browsing interests.

Here is What Else You Can Do!

  • Choose from a dozen different ad formats
  • Create mobile ads and campaigns so you are sure you are soaking up the huge and growing volume of local traffic from mobile devices
  • Choose from over a dozen different colors schemes, to make sure your branding is in sync with your branding and your ads have visual pop!
  • Create laser targeted campaigns that are only visible to prospects within a 15, 25, 50, or 100 mile radius of your service business, so your campaigns only reach the best prospects!
  • Automatically optimize your campaigns
  • Target your ads to people based on location, demographics, affinity for certain subjects, and expressed interest in specific products and services!
  • Target prospects based on their demographics, interests, and products and services they are looking to buy – such as car purchasers, home purchasers, and purchasers of various services!
  • Get your ads displayed on the top local and national sites – such as,, and
  • Detailed reports supplied to you that will demonstrate the visibility you are getting including clicks, hovers, and which sites their ads are running on most frequently

Your Ads will appear to local leaders on some of the top-sites on the internet, and the end result for you is Ad Performance like you never thought possible.

local content marketing

And most important, you stay top of mind for all the potential customers in your area.

To see for yourself how amazingly effective Lift Local Targeting can be, contact Fargo Online at 701-205-3127.

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